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(ƛ): Required root permission

Features Google Play Other Stores
Latest version 2.9


Apk Download

Amazon AppStore

Apk Download (v2.5)

Silent Track
Hide app icon
Fake app icon & app name
Remote Configuration
Multiple devices
Track Location
Track SMS
Track Browser
Track Device activity
Track App List
Track Geo Fencing
Track Event (Calendar)
Track Chrome (ƛ)
Track Firefox (ƛ)
Track Whatsapp (ƛ)
Track Viber (ƛ)
Track Facebook Messenger (ƛ)
Track Lines (ƛ)
Track Hangout (ƛ)
Track BBM (ƛ)
Track Kik Messenger (ƛ)
Track Nimbuzz (ƛ)
Track Zalo (ƛ)
App auto-update
Persistent notification