User guide


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Open Children Tracker app with your email. You will receive an activation email



Click on activation link to activate your account. If you are a returned user, you don't need to follow this step, use login form instead



By default, this application uses a generic configuration that works on most of devices. You don't need to change them. Children Tracker is packed with a smart features that is capable to find the best configuration for your device after a couple of tracking days.

Main Settings

Tracker type: how the device send data to the cloud. Immediately when event occurs make data more "real-time", but location data may not work on some devices.

Show app icon: Show/hide application icon

Enable device admin: Make the application harder to uninstall

Unlock pattern protected: Prevent un-authorized people to open the application


Tracking data

Call: toggle to track call logs

Message: toggle to track SMS (Whatsapp, Viber is coming soon). You can opt in/out to send message content

Location: toggle to track locations and define how to track location

Browser: toggle to enable/disable tracking browing history (only for stock browser app)

Chrome: root permission required. Toggle to enable/disable tracking browing history (only for stock browser app)

Application: toggle to track application installs/uninstalls

Activity: toggle to track device on/off, connected hotspot, and other activities



Account: verify logged in account

Logging: if has bug, tap on report button to send logs to the developer


Track Result

Go to and log in with your registered email and password (included in activation email). See more at FAQs or or visit our support area